Log Home Packages

a custom log home in Vermont

Shell Package

A shell package is everything you need to erect a weather-tight log home. The list below details what is included in a shell package.

Log Wall System


8" x 6", Hand Drawshaved, D-Profile, Northern White Cedar logs, naturally air-dryed 1 yr, Tounge & V-Groove system, pre-cut, lettered and numbered.

Assembly Prints

Easy-to-Read log assembly instructions w/ complete list of materials.


PELLA windows and screens. VELUX ventilating Skylights with flashing and headers.

Exterior Doors

PELLA exterior doors w/ lock set, screen, and wood grills.

Foam Gasket

Premium All-Weather gasket.


Premium log wall caulking.


9" log wall assembly screws.


3/4" Cedar for joining all window/ door openings, and log-end joints.

Framing Stock

Pre-cut for assembly around doors and windows.

Exterior Trim

1" matched cedar boards for all exterior trim.


Sill Seal and Shim Shingles.

First Floor System


Fully Engineered Floorplan

Sub Floor

3/4" advantech sub floor

Second Floor System

Carrying Beams

8" x 12" S3S

Floor Joists

4" x 8", S3S or full log, 36" O.C.

Carrying Beams Posts

8" x 8", s4s or full log, cedar

Roof System


Conventional rafters, round log rafters, or square timber roof structure

Truss Rafters

2' O.C.

Fly Rafters

2" x 10" S3S, round log fly rafters, or square timbers

Ridge Beam

4"x14" or 6"x14" spruce


5/8" osb T&G

Roofing Paper

Tri-Flex, Ice & Water Shield for valleys


Cambridge 30 Yr. Warranty (Steel Optional)


8" standard

Soffit Vent

2" standard

Ridge Vent

Rolled Ridge Vent

Gable Overhang

1" TVG Cedar

Dormer Systems


2" x 6" Spruce or Cedar Log


1/2" CDX Plywood (Walls)

House Wrap



1" Board & Batten, 1" Tongue & V-Groove, or Log Siding

Dormer Roof System

Rafters, Sheathing, Roofing Paper, Shingles/Steel, and Drip-Edge included.

Porch & Deck Systems

Log Sills & Beams

Cedar S4S

Floor Joists

Pressure treated 16" O.C.


5/4" Eased-Edge Cedar


6" x 8", S3S or full-log, Cedar


4" x 6", S3S or full-log, Spruce or Fir

Roof Sheathing

1" x 8" T&amg;VG pine


1" x 8" T&amg;VG pine

Porch Roof System

Shingles/Steel, Roofing Paper, and Drip-Edge included.

Complete Package

A complete package is everything in the shell package plus interior materials. The list below details what is included additionally in a complete package.

Interior Materials

Partition Stock

2" x 4"'s and 2" x 6"'s, Spruce

Walls & Ceilings

1" x 4", 1" x 5", or 1" x 6" TVG Cedar

Door & Window Casings

1" x4" & 1" x 6" Sq-Edge Cedar

Flooring (2nd Floor)

1 1/2" T&amg;VG lodge pole pine or 1 1/2" Russian spruce

Stair Systems

2" x 12" Spruce Stringers, 2" x 10" Pine Treads, 1" x 8" Pine Risers, or 1/2" log treads and stingers


Spray foam insulation

Additional Information

1. These lists may differ for some designs.

2. Log Options -

  • 8" x 6" - Drawshaved - D-shape - Cedar
  • 8" x 6" - Milled - D-shape - Cedar
  • 8" x 6" - Milled - D-shape - Pine
  • 7" x 5" - Drawshaved - D-shape - Cedar
  • 7" x 5" - Milled - D-shape - Cedar
  • 7" x 5" - Milled - Round-shape - Cedar

3. We can customize, modify, or combine elements of these packages.

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