Log Types, Styles, and Sizes

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Log Types

Our Log home packages are available in either Northern White Cedar or Eastern White Pine. We recommend Northern White Cedar logs for their distinct advantages, but the choice is yours.

Northern White Cedar

  • has a superior insulation (R-Value).
  • has superior weather resilience.
  • is naturally resistant to rot, mildew, and insects.
  • has a natural low moisture content.
  • has a lighter construction weight for easy building.
  • is a very stable & strong wood species.

Our Northern White Cedar

  • is naturally seasoned for 1Yr. (Not Force-Dried!)
  • is not chemically treated or processed.
  • is harvested responsibly and locally by independent loggers.

Log Styles

Drawshaved D-Profile Log

Drawshaved D-Profile

Flat Inside / Drawshaved Outside

Hand Drawshaved logs offer a unique and "authentic" look and is our most popular style. A drawshave is used to to remove the outer bark of the log by hand, not by milling or machining. This results in a log home with unparalleled rustic character. The hand drawshaved style is available with our 8" or 7" Native White Cedar D-Profile logs.

Milled D-Profile Log

Milled D-Profile

Flat Inside / Round Outside

Milled D-Profile logs offer a more contemporary and uniform look. All surfaces of the log are milled to perfection. This style is offered in 8" and 7" Northern White Cedar and Eastern White Pine logs.

Milled R/R-Profile Log

Milled R/R-Profile

Round Inside / Round Outside

Milled Round/Round-Profile logs have a round contour on both the inside and outside face of the log. The look is unique by creating a dramatic interior surface. This style is only available in a 7" Norther White Cedar log.

Log Sizes

The list below outlines the log sizes available in each particular type and style.

Northern White Cedar

  • 8" x 6" - Drawshaved D-Profile, Milled D-Profile
  • 7" x 5" - Drawshaved D-Profile, Milled D-Profile, Milled R/R-Profile

Eastern White Pine

  • 8" x 8" - Milled D-Profile
  • 8" x 6" - Milled D-Profile

Have a question about which log type or size you should go with for your log home? Let us know.

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